Scuba Divers


Artistic Statement

Reality and beyond

« At the time of the Odyssey, no one doubted the enchantment of the world »

Static or moving, the characters are many times staged alone. They wear costumes, masks, they are sometimes nude or with make up only, all to better loose oneself in the movement.

Dreams filter in the scene bringing mystery, uncertainty. There is reality and what comes next. My images are fed by my own references – dance, circus, cabaret, carnival, rituals, sport.

The physical force of the location is influential: I make different images whether I breathe sea, mountain or city air. Each image contains an outside and an inside, the before and the after. They are spaces destined for contemplation.

Trigger Zones


The trigger zones can be found in nature, outside. They are tense spaces in suspense. Awaiting something. Nothing happens yet but the focus is set, attracted as much by the white square drape empty setting, sole protagonist, than the surrounding natural scenery.